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How to improve the quality of male sperm and go to Russia as a surrogate

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With the birth and gradual maturity of test tube babies and surrogacy, it has brought good news to many infertile families

In recent years, people's fertility problem has been facing a threat

A medical report shows that in the past 40 years in western countries, the number of male sperm has decreased by more than 50%, and the quality of sperm continues to decline

If the quality and number of human sperm continue to decline at the current rate, human beings may become extinct

Open Netease News to see more pictures at present, the incidence rate of infertility in China has a significant upward trend, and about 12% of couples of childbearing age have birth disorders

5%-15%, of which the male factor accounts for 40%-50% of the infertility population

The research shows that the sperm density of normal men in China is declining, and the incidence of sperm deformity and male azoospermia is increasing

Therefore, it is very important to improve sperm quality for solving fertility problems and improving the yield of test tubes

What causes the decline of sperm quality? The decline of male sperm quality is mainly related to chromosomal abnormalities, endocrine diseases, reproductive tract infections, vas deferens obstruction, abnormal testicular spermatogenesis, abnormal sperm structure and seminal plasma, immune infertility, male sexual dysfunction, etc

these causes are the main factors leading to the decline of male sperm quality

In addition, men's work and life styles, such as drinking, eating irregularly, sitting near computers and drivers, also damage men's reproductive health

Lack of sleep time can cause a significant decrease in sperm density, motility, forward movement rate and sperm linear movement rate in men

Trace element deficiency, especially zinc deficiency, affects sperm motility

Unclean married life can also affect male sperm motility

If you don't pay attention to cleanliness in married life, you can infect germs and have a great killing power on sperm

Moreover, the high-temperature steam bath will also directly damage the sperm and inhibit the ability of spermatogenesis

Therefore, in daily life, we should attach great importance to it

How to determine whether sperm quality is declining? In case of infertility, go to the hospital to check the semen in time to determine whether the sperm quality has decreased

First, routine semen examination, whether sperm motility is normal, biochemical index examination of sperm function, and function and morphology of non sperm cells in semen should be carried out

Routine sperm examination through routine sperm examination, we can directly understand the semen volume, sperm density, the total number of sperm in semen, sperm agglutination, sperm morphology, semen liquefaction and other information, which is the basis for understanding the sperm survival rate

In general, the common factors that affect sperm penetration into cervical mucus are the physical and chemical status of cervical mucus, seminal plasma enzyme activity, sperm movement quality and so on

Semen examination through semen examination, it is very important to accurately detect the survival rate of sperm

There are various living components in seminal plasma, including enzymes, small molecular organic substances and inorganic substances, which affect the quality of sperm

The function and morphology of non sperm cells in semen include immature spermatogonia, spermatocytes, leukocytes and macrophages

The function and morphology of these cells play a very important role in the sperm living environment

How to improve sperm quality? To improve sperm quality, we should first pay attention to it in our daily life

First of all, we should straighten out our mind and relax our mood

Because too much mental pressure has a negative impact on the growth of male sperm, men should do something that can relax their body and mind, such as walking, swimming, etc

Secondly, eat more green vegetables

Natural green vegetables are rich in vitamin C, e, zinc, selenium and other ingredients that are conducive to sperm growth

Nuts and fish are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which are also conducive to sperm cell growth

Third, daily life should be regular

Irregular work and rest can easily lead to physical fatigue, irritability and endocrine disorders, thus affecting sexual function and sperm quality

A reasonable work and rest can better regulate the body and improve the survival rate of sperm

In addition, obese people should pay attention to weight loss, change their spicy, smoking, drinking, sedentary work and other lifestyles, ensure enough sleep, pay attention not to frequent and long-term high-temperature steam baths, and keep the couple's life clean

In terms of diet, attention should be paid to the intake of nutritional factors, exercise enhancers, antioxidants, including vitamin C, e, glutathione, lycopene, selenium, zinc, L-carnitine, coenzyme Q10, folic acid and other nutritional elements

Among them, selenium rich rice, black yam, black sesame, black bean, black peanut, garlic and other foods are rich in selenium; animal liver, kidney, beef, pork, chicken, fish, dairy products, milk, bean products and other fermented foods are rich in vitamin B12, lean meat, yeast, mutton, chicken, milk and other elements rich in L-carnitine

Tomato, watermelon, persimmon, grape and other foods are rich in lycopene, protein zinc, oysters and other seafood are rich in zinc

In daily life, these foods should be used properly to improve sperm quality

Later, Dr

Geng said that the development of society has increased the pressure on people's lives

Even the long commute time will bring anxiety

Stress will lead to anxiety and lead to the deterioration of male sperm quality

Sperm health has become a seriously neglected public health problem

Although many methods can only cure the symptoms but not the root causes, a healthy lifestyle can greatly improve the quality of sperm, Therefore, we must pay attention to drinking, work and rest in our life

In addition, Dr

Geng also mentioned that the mature period of male sperm is about 72 days, and it takes more than 2 months to update the number of sperm

Therefore, after exposure to harmful substances or improving living habits, pregnancy preparation needs a period of time to adjust