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"The story behind surrogacy" some children become commodities at birth, and others lose their lives

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"The maid's story" because of yesterday's big melon, surrogacy has become a hot topic on the Internet

Commercial surrogacy in China is still illegal, but the underground industry has long existed

In some rural areas, you can find a woman to help you have children for 150000 yuan

In 2017, Shandong satellite TV's investigation made an unannounced visit to the domestic underground illegal industrial chain

When the reporter came to Haokou Town, Qianjiang City, Hubei Province, the local villagers did not hesitate to say: here, like young women making money, they all went to surrogate

Since ten years ago, local people have been living on it

Some people can't live after one or two, while others continue after three or four

Each child can get 150000 to 250000 yuan, and twins can get more money

"Surrogacy earns hundreds of thousands at a time

If you have money, where will your mother-in-law and daughter-in-law quarrel?" In that village, new buildings can be found everywhere, and the money for building houses is earned by women's surrogacy

"Anyway, it's not good not to have sex with men

We won't sell our bodies

We want to make some money and go home to build the house

" Under the "heavy reward", there must be brave women

A local old man told reporters that his 40 year old daughter and 46 year old daughter-in-law had been surrogate mothers

High returns are inevitably accompanied by high risks

Large and small medical accidents also frequently occur

Many women are unable to have another child because of multiple abortions and hysterectomies performed by surrogacy, and even some women have lost their lives

According to the person in charge of the surrogate agency, their compensation for the surrogate mother also has professional rules

"The greater the physical injury, the more compensation will be made

If the palace is cleared, the compensation will be tenthousand yuan

If the abortion and induced labor occur, the compensation may be twenty or thirty thousand yuan

If the uterus is removed and the fallopian tube is removed, there will be corresponding compensation

" Surrogate mothers exchange their lives for money, but their income is still small compared with the agency employees who are responsible for finding surrogate mothers

This is the cost accounting record of 650000 surrogacy packages of an illegal surrogacy institution in China

The staff of the agency successfully introduced a surrogate mother who could earn 30000 or 40000 yuan, and many employees could earn millions a year

Of course, they may eventually face legal sanctions

The national health and Family Planning Commission made it clear that surrogacy involves legal, ethical and social issues, and the relevant domestic departments will crack down severely

Not only in China, according to statistics, the estimated total value of the global surrogacy industry reached US $6billion in 2012, equivalent to RMB 42

5 billion

Last year, the epidemic broke out abroad, many domestic borders were closed, flights were suspended, and there was a large backlog of newborns in surrogacy institutions

This is a video released by a Ukrainian surrogate agency on the oil tube that surrogate babies are looking forward to seeing their parents

They took back 46 babies from the hospital and temporarily arranged them in a hotel

This is part of the video in the Chinese channel

What a "beautiful" picture

Doctors, nurses, surrogate mothers, clients and even babies are smiling

But behind the "warmth", I don't know how many human relations tragedies there are

During the outbreak of the new crown, many "subscribers" who should have taken away their babies suffered from economic crisis and were unable to prepare enough funds to pay surrogate agencies, resulting in "rejection of babies"

Where have these rejected babies gone? I dare not think

If the newborn is regarded as a "commodity", then as long as it is a "commodity", there is the possibility of "unqualified delivery"

Real goods can be returned to the factory for destruction, but people are not goods

Babies with birth defects will be "rejected", and their fate can be imagined

In contrast, being sent to a welfare home is a better destination

There was a news some time ago

A 19-year-old surrogate mother could not get 300000 surrogate remuneration for giving birth to a child with congenital defects

In a rage, he threw the baby who was not yet full moon from the 6th floor and fell to death

No matter whether the surrogate business is illegal in the local area or not, regardless of the value system, this indifferent attitude towards life has seriously challenged the moral bottom line of mankind

Born to be human, please be kind

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