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British woman surrogates mother to give birth to younger brother and sister

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Medical father Jenny and Tony's grandparents / adoptive parents' grandparents' consanguineous mother and stepfather Ruth and Alex's aunt and uncle and sister / niece Mandy's consanguineous mother / sister mother Allan have always been the subject of discussion

The 46 year old British woman allanbrown has given birth to three children, but only one is her rightful daughter, and the other pair of dragon and Phoenix twins were born by her surrogate mother and stepfather, So legally, the twins are their own brothers and sisters

The relationship between the family is a little complicated

Allen, who lives in West London, England, has surrogate a pair of twins - Alex and Ruth - for his mother Jenny and stepfather Tony

With his daughter Mandy, the relationship between the family is a little complicated

For Alex and Ruth, Allen is both their biological mother and their legal sister

Meanwhile, Jenny and Tony are both their grandparents and their parents

Mandy was both their sister and their niece

However, the family insisted in an interview with the British Daily Mail that they were not troubled by the problems of family members' relations

The family was close and happy, and was a normal family

Jenny, 65, is a salesman and cashier

She is now retired

"When I was a child, the twins called Tony and me ‘ mother ’ and ‘ father ’ while they called Alan ‘ belly mother ’

Now, they call Alan by her first name

For them, she is their second mother

" "We told them the truth from the very beginning

Mandy was 5 years old when she gave birth to the dragon and Phoenix fetus

She knew that I was pregnant with the children of my grandparents

After the child was born, they would live with them

" Allen said so

Alex said that at school, people always take his family as a topic and keep asking, "but these are just labels

We are a normal family

" The daughter offered to be a surrogate

So, how did all this happen? It starts with Jenny and Tony getting to know each other and falling in love

In 1992, Tony, 31, met Jenny, 42, through work

However, at that time, they didn't think about getting married, let alone having children

Jenny had a son and daughter with her ex husband

However, as time went on, Tony and Jenny increasingly felt that each other was the one they wanted to spend the rest of their lives with

So, in 1999, the two decided to get married

In fact, it was Allen who first mentioned the problem of children

On the morning of the wedding, the family were having dinner in an Indian restaurant

Allen asked his mother Jenny and stepfather Tony, "what do you say about the children? Since you are married, do you want children?" This question stirred waves in Jenny and Tony's hearts, and their desire for children was out of control

Later, Jenny told Ellen that she was considering seeking a surrogate

Hearing his mother say this, Allen immediately replied, "don't ask strangers to surrogate you

If you want children, let me surrogate you

" "I was at a very good childbearing age," Allen recalled afterwards

"For me, everything seemed natural

" At that time, Allen was 32 years old and a single mother

Jenny was a little shocked

"I was shocked by Allen's unwavering attitude, but she has always been very strong and selfless

Just look at how well she has brought her daughter alone

" At first, the clinic was unwilling to accept it

In October 2000, they began to contact the gynaecological fertility center in London, and then carried out a series of physiological and psychological evaluation tests required for surrogacy

At first, Jenny wanted to use her own eggs, but because she had undergone uterine surgery, Jenny's eggs could not be used, so the family finally decided to use Allen's eggs

But things are not going well

The clinic is unwilling to accept their surrogate request

Considering Mandy was still young at that time and Allen's complex identity after surrogacy, the staff of the clinic only agreed to one surrogacy situation, that is, the egg was not Allen's, but could only be donated by other donors

But the Jenny family insisted on using Allen's eggs

"It's better to use my own eggs

If not, use Allen's

I don't feel comfortable using the eggs of a stranger who doesn't know his family history

" After that, the surrogacy request was finally approved through the unremitting and continuous application of the three people

In 2001, they tried intrauterine insemination, in which Tony's sperm was directly injected into Allen's womb

However, they failed both times

After that, they began to try the test tube baby technology

In December, Allen found himself pregnant

When Ellen was pregnant, Jenny and Tony took care of Mandy and did the housework for Ellen

In early May2002, Allen gave birth to a pair of twins

Ruth came out first

Forty minutes later, Alex was also born

Jenny and Tony were with them during the birth

After the baby was born, Allen asked the doctor to give the baby to Jenny and Tony first, and then hold the baby in his arms

The same week, the adoption process was completed

Of course, when going out, the stranger naturally thought Jenny was bringing her grandchildren

"When someone asks: ‘ Oh, are you a grandmother today? ’ I will tell him:" no, I am their mother

"Jenny said

There is some understanding and criticism from the outside

At present, Alan and Mandy live together, while Jenny, Tony and dragon and Phoenix live together

However, both of them are in West London, and they are very close

They can go to each other's home in only 10 minutes, and the two families often move around

Tony said that relatives and friends understand what they do, because they know that they and Jenny want their children, and Allen is so willing to mention it For help

"It's true that some people on social networking sites call us weirdos and ask why we do it, but most people still understand what we do

" Tony said

Just last month, the Daily Mail reported another strange family: a mother gave birth to a child for her gay son through test tube baby technology

These reports have caused controversy

Some critics pointed out that such a practice is unethical, and questioned the integrity of surrogacy and fertility laws