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British media: Ukrainian surrogate ideally earns $20000 for a surrogate

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Ukraine is one of the few countries that allows "surrogate tourism"

As one of the poorer countries in Europe, Ukraine is becoming an ideal place to find surrogates

The rich returns of surrogacy business have attracted many young women here

The BBC reported on the 13th that it was concerned about this phenomenon

It was reported that some Ukrainian women wanted to improve their lives through the payment of surrogacy, but they also had to endure the pain of giving their children to others as soon as they were born

Olgabogomolets, the head of the Health Committee of the Ukrainian parliament and a doctor, believes that young women's addiction to surrogacy is "due to the rapid decline in living standards"

Between 2014 and 2015, Ukraine experienced a serious economic recession

"We are like a conveyor belt

" Anna's hometown is located in kamyanets podilsky, a small town in western Ukraine

The medieval castle there attracts many tourists

She had planned to work in a hotel in her hometown after graduating from high school, but at the age of 18, the report on surrogacy seen in the TV news changed her life plan

If she works in a hotel, her monthly income is $200

As a surrogate, she could earn $20000

In terms of local living standards, Anna's family is not poor

Her mother is an accountant

However, Anna said that she was attracted by this career because she "wanted to have more things" and wanted to pay for "expensive things", such as house decoration, cars, electrical products, and also bought an apartment for her daughter

Jegianna is a surrogate for a Spanish couple

She is 30 weeks pregnant

While working in a hotel, Anna gave birth to a daughter

She realized that she was a qualified candidate for the surrogate industry and decided to become a surrogate at the age of 21

When Anna talked about her experience, she would still agitate her coffee nervously and ask to protect her privacy, because although there are hundreds of Ukrainian women doing surrogacy, the topic of surrogacy is still rarely discussed publicly in this country

"There are so many childless friends coming to our country - we are like a conveyor belt

" Anna said

In the waiting room of a well-known surrogate clinic in Kiev, tetiana from eastern Ukraine is also a surrogate without telling her mother

The baby in her womb is the daughter of a Spanish couple

Jegianna, who is 30 weeks pregnant, told her mother that she came to Kiev to find a job

She has great affection for her baby

"You feel the child kicking you and talking to you," said jegianna

Although she is pregnant with someone else's child, "but subconsciously, you don't feel it

You think this is your child

" In the same clinic, another Jana who completed the surrogacy work two months ago told Jeanne that surrogacy should only be regarded as a job

Jiana recalled her surrogacy experience - the baby was taken away at birth, and she was exhausted lying in the hospital bed

Although she admitted that the feeling of being a mother after childbirth was still lingering in her heart - she was still thinking about the child when she came home, Jiana thought, "you must be a cold person and don't feel it, but when you see the smile of the child's biological parents, you will realize that everything is fine and the child's parents are happy, that's all

" The demand has increased tenfold in two years, and the risk remains

According to Ukrainian law, before becoming a surrogate, you must first have your own child

According to the person who collected the surrogate, in this way, the surrogate is unlikely to have a dependency on the life he will be pregnant with

At present, there are about 500 cases of surrogacy in Ukraine every year, but the accurate data cannot be confirmed, and this number may continue to increase

In 2015, India, Nepal, Thailand and other countries have called off the surrogacy industry

"In the past two years, the demand for surrogates in Ukraine has increased by about 1000%

" Sameveringham of familiesthoughsurrogacy, a charity dedicated to surrogacy, said

Evringham added that Ukraine is now one of the few countries that allow "surrogate tourism"

Similar acts of surrogacy are legal in the United States, Georgia and Russia

In addition, Kenya and Laos are also places to look for surrogate, but there is no written law to provide for it

It is not so easy for the biological parents to take the child away

According to their different places of origin, there will be complicated processes

For example, parents from Britain will spend several months in Ukraine

In addition, many surrogacy agencies in Ukraine have also exposed some bad Secrets - such as those unproven embryo exchanges, poor physical examination conditions, and too many doctors who cannot provide adequate medical care

According to everingham, "some surrogacy agencies in Ukraine refuse to pay the cost of surrogacy because they fail to strictly comply with the requirements

There are also some agencies that do not benefit from the biological parents of the child for the time being, which treat the surrogacy in a rough way

" Bogmolette also said that the problem of Ukraine's surrogate industry lies in the lack of standardization and supervision, which may put both the surrogate and the biological parents of the child at risk

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