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Incessant surrogacy chaos Thailand forbids foreigners from "renting wombs"

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[incessant surrogacy disorder] according to the media, Thailand's surrogacy law is aimed at regulating the surrogacy industry in Thailand

Before that, there were a series of controversial events caused by multiple surrogacy in Thailand

Last year, an Australian couple found a surrogate in Thailand

The surrogate gave birth to a pair of twins, but the boy suffered from Down syndrome

The Australian couple took only the healthy baby girl and abandoned the baby boy to a surrogate

The incident caused an uproar

Thai authorities then raided dozens of fertility clinics in the capital Bangkok

During the search, the police found 9 more babies in an apartment, all born to a Japanese rich man

The Japanese man became the father of at least 15 babies through surrogacy in Thailand and plans to have thousands of children

At present, the case of a gay couple and a Thai surrogate mother competing for custody of their children has also aroused widespread concern

In 2014, an American man gordonlake and his Spanish husband manuelbalero found a Thai surrogate through an intermediary agency

The surrogate used Lake's sperm and another Thai woman's egg

The Thai surrogate signed an agreement to accept the "surrogate fee", but refused to adopt Carmen as previously agreed after giving birth to the baby girl this year

As a result, the same-sex couples were unable to bring Carmen back to the United States and had to take care of him in Bangkok

The same-sex couples said on social networking sites that the surrogate wouldn't let Carmen pass because they found out they were gay

However, the surrogate said in the Thai media a few days ago that she did not hate homosexuality, but was worried that Carmen would become a victim of human trafficking, and was willing to refund all the fees and support herself

Vararo dangkananura, a member of the Thai legislative assembly and a member of the childcare foundation, said: "at present (we) do not know the full truth of this matter

Both sides have their own words and do not know who to trust

So going to the court is the only way

The court will investigate

This is before the birth of the surrogacy law, which cannot be traced back

" According to the explanation of Niwa qiaoluan, Secretary of the Thai Bar Association, according to the previous law, the surrogate has the custody of the child, and the only way for the same-sex partner to take the child away is to appeal to the court to award the child to them, and also to prove that they are not involved in human trafficking

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