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Besides marriage, what other ways can a single man legally get his own children?

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But the problem is that if you don't get married, it's very difficult to get custody of your children

It can be operated to legally obtain your own children

A brief introduction to the following process: 1

Select a test tube baby clinic and a doctor: come for blood test and semen collection


Looking for egg donation: there are many egg donation agencies in California, and some surrogate agencies also do egg donation business

Most egg donation needs a fresh cycle, that is, after contacting the egg donor, they will be arranged to go to the clinic to promote drainage

There are also some organizations that do frozen egg donation

It should be noted that if you ask Asian Americans to donate eggs, the general price will be more expensive

Rare things are more expensive


Frozen embryos: with eggs and sperm, embryos can be formed in vitro and stored in freezing

Because it is difficult to determine the time to find a surrogate mother, it will be easier to do frozen embryo transfer


Finding a surrogate mother: finding a surrogate mother through a surrogate institution is a two-way choice process

It is only when both parties are willing

Surrogate mothers in California are in great demand, and it may take months to meet the right one

After finding a surrogate mother, we should arrange for her to do medical screening to see if she is suitable for surrogate mother


Find a lawyer: once you have chosen a surrogate mother, you can meet with a lawyer and draft a contract

Usually surrogacy agencies have their own legal partners


Embryo transfer: after signing the contract, we can arrange for a surrogate mother to transfer embryos


Pregnancy examination: on the 14th day after embryo transfer, the surrogate mother was examined for blood HCG to see if she was pregnant smoothly


B-ultrasonic examination: B-ultrasonic examination shall be conducted three weeks after the blood HCG is positive


Antenatal examination: routine obstetric examination will be carried out in the remaining 10 months, during which you can interact with the surrogate mother, enhance feelings and understand the situation of the fetus


Delivery: after 10 months of waiting, the baby was finally born! Congratulations on becoming a super Daddy! Besides getting married, single men can consider adopting their own children, but I didn't choose this path

After discussing with my boyfriend, I still felt that I was closer to the baby I brought up, so I chose to make a test tube

Babies are no different from those born by ordinary couples after marriage

Many people feel that what is different from them is that they are deviant

In fact, everyone is the same

My baby has learned to walk and is very healthy

To be completely legal, go to a legal domestic regular hospital to make test tubes

Because I have been overseas for a long time, I went to the local hospital

Now that some parts of China have been legalized, it would be better to treat them with an ordinary mind

At present, there are many ways and places for single men to have children

I am also a single child (I am a boy), because my boyfriend and I prefer children

After negotiation, we struck while the iron was hot and made preparations

Now the child is around us

At that time, I also checked a lot of knowledge in this area, including the process and precautions for each link, and finally finalized it

We only had one child at that time

The child was related to me by blood

Because of our special situation, we need the help of a third party

Of course, selecting a third party requires care and patience

Because everyone has different requirements, the time and effort will be different

If the whole process goes smoothly, it will take about a year

Boys need to check in advance

If they don't meet the requirements, they may need to recuperate for a period of time

Quit smoking and drinking in advance, take more exercise and relax

If the questioner really wants to have a child, he can learn about this situation first, so that he can have a clearer understanding, and then make further plans