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An institution in Guangzhou was exposed to have completed hundreds of surrogacy for gay men, calling the pregnant mother

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Original title: an institution in Guangzhou was exposed to have completed hundreds of surrogacy for gay men, calling the pregnant mother "egg sister"

Recently, it was revealed on the Internet that an institution in Guangzhou has been carrying out commercial surrogacy projects and has completed hundreds of surrogacy for gay men

The agency claims that surrogacy is not illegal

However, according to the lawyer consulted by observer

com and Guangzhou Public Security Bureau, commercial surrogacy is still illegal in China, and the agency has been reported by many netizens

Yesterday, some netizens found that an organization named "Rainbow baby" in Guangzhou openly engaged in "commercial surrogacy" prohibited in China, providing pregnant mothers and reproductive services for gay men

The microblog of the agency is @ Guangzhou Rainbow baby (now renamed or cancelled), which has been updated to openly promote "commercial surrogacy": according to his photos, there are still many customers: netizens also turned to the agency's trumpet, and have been using the slogan "husband can also be inherited by blood" to promote business: the agency's self introduction revealed that they have been engaged in the surrogacy industry for more than ten years, Since 2015, it has been focusing on the surrogate business for gay groups

At present, it has "handled" more than 400 surrogate babies

Weibo has also been showing various photos of children born after looking for surrogacy: in their official account "Rainbow baby LGBT", which is still updated today, they have also sent many photos of pregnant mothers with buyers

The agency calls pregnant mothers "service staff pregnant mothers" or "egg girls"

In the information they published, we can see that many pregnant women have been transplanted many times, and some are only 20 years old

There are also some pregnant women whose ages are coded, so it is impossible to know whether they are adults

Xiaohai, the person in charge of the agency, even showed examples of gay men with AIDS looking for surrogacy in his personal microblog, and said that "you can have a healthy baby with AIDS"

In another account of the agency, @ Guangzhou Rainbow Bridge baby (now fried), the blogger publicly declared that commercial surrogacy is not illegal: "it is not illegal in China, surrogacy is a gray area in China, and there is no illegal case

" In their public accounts that publicize same-sex families and surrogacy, they are also "washing white" their surrogacy industry

The official account published an article on April 30, 2019, declaring that although domestic surrogacy is illegal, the National People's Congress has declared that surrogacy is decriminalized; It also said that "the existing regulations only restrict the medical staff to carry out surrogacy operations, and the surrogacy acts carried out privately are not protected by law

" Not only that, it also said that brainwashing surrogacy is "in line with the real needs of social public order and good customs", and that "commercial surrogacy is impossible to prevent"

This article can be described as a very detailed answer to all issues related to surrogacy, including how to get registered permanent residence for the children born: This is the information of Xiaohai, the head of the agency: (it is available under every promotional article) so far, the official account can still be found

Observer found the registration information of the institution registered on qixinbao, indicating that the establishment date was may2018

It is also found that the business scope of this institution only includes maternal and infant information services, and there are no legal procedures related to embryo transfer, and this institution is not included in the details of domestic units that approve the development of assisted reproductive technology

While searching the official account, we can find that many institutions that do surrogacy for comrades are also popular: netizens are very angry about this: some netizens popularize the law, Article 3 of the administrative measures for human assisted reproductive technology issued by the Ministry of health prohibits the sale of gametes, zygotes and embryos in any form, and medical institutions and medical personnel are not allowed to implement any form of technology

Surrogacy is absolutely illegal in China

Many netizens also questioned why it is obviously illegal to publicize and advertise on microblog and other major platforms? The blogger said that he had sent the page information and the screenshot of the organization information to the Public Security Bureau for reporting: in this regard, observer

com consulted Xiong Chao, a lawyer from Beijing Jingshi law firm, who said: "from the perspective of legal prohibition, there is no clear legal prohibition, but we all think this behavior is illegal

" "If institutions are involved, commercial surrogacy cannot be regarded as a normal business project, and the industry and commerce must be managed

At the same time, it may also involve the consequences of criminal law, such as illegal medical practice; if there is physical contact, it may also commit the crime of organizing prostitution, etc

" "Surrogacy is a very ambiguous business behavior that should not be recognized in the future

It is intolerable and acceptable for us to use other people's bodies for surrogacy, whether from the perspective of law or social customs

" In addition, the observer network also called the Guangzhou Public Security hotline

The Guangzhou public security then transferred the observer network to the Guangzhou Health Commission, which is responsible for handling surrogacy

The staff of the Health Commission said that commercial surrogacy is definitely illegal

If there is a full name and location of the relevant institution, you are welcome to report it, and the health commission will certainly deal with it

Here we also remind you that if you want to report relevant information, you can call the local public security hotline or search the wechat official account of the local government to report

Before reporting, remember to find out the full name and specific location of the illegal institution, so as to facilitate the tracking and investigation of relevant departments


com has submitted the information of the "Rainbow baby" organization to the Health Commission for follow-up processing

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