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Unveiling the map of American surrogacy: hiring Chinese employees of the association, starting at 560000 yuan

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The news of "surrogacy abandonment" by Su Le, a female star of the times weekly, has once again made surrogacy a hot topic of public discussion

The so-called surrogacy refers to the process of implanting an in vitro fertilized egg into a surrogate mother's uterus after it forms an embryo, and the surrogate mother completes the pregnancy and delivery on behalf of others

It is a kind of artificial assisted reproduction technology

Surrogacy in China has always been in a gray area, which is easy to cause a series of moral, ethical, social and legal problems

However, in some overseas and domestic countries, surrogacy has been legalized and even formed a mature industrial chain

For example, most states in the United States, Russia, Ukraine and Georgia

All agreements, procedures, drugs, etc

concerning commercial surrogacy in these regions are protected by national laws

In recent years, many wealthy Chinese have been dissatisfied with having children in the United States

Their new goal is to find an American female surrogate

In addition to sound laws and superior medical conditions, it is also because children born in the United States have American citizenship and can help their parents obtain a green card when they reach the age of 21

At present, there are no conclusive statistics on the number of Chinese surrogacy in the United States

However, relevant intermediaries are convinced that the demand in this regard has been increasing

American surrogacy agencies and fertility clinics have noticed this business opportunity and have set up Chinese versions of their websites and hired staff who can speak Chinese

"Americans are big and strong, so they are more suitable for giving birth

If you choose a surrogate mother with dark skin, don't worry, your baby's skin will still be as white as snow

" According to the New York Times, a surrogate agency advertised this

There are different laws in different states

After watching the American TV series friends, I may be impressed by a plot: Phoebe helped her own brother surrogate and gave birth to triplets

The plot took place in about 1998 of the 20th century, when surrogacy in individual states in the United States had been legalized

Now, after years of development, the surrogacy industry in the United States is relatively mature, and most states legislate to allow surrogacy

There are also many American stars who use surrogacy to become parents, such as Robert DeNiro, Ricky Martin, Sarah Jessica Parker, neilpatrick and Celine Dion

According to the updated data, as of January 2021, 47 states in the United States can carry out surrogacy

See the following figure for details: dark green state: surrogacy is legal and has perfect legal provisions and protection

Light green states: surrogacy is allowed, but it will be limited by some factors

Some extra legal procedures are required after the child is born

Yellow states: surrogacy is not prohibited, but it should be handled with caution

There may be some risks of legal judgment in the future

Orange state: the law says that the surrogacy agreement is invalid, but surrogacy activities can be carried out in this state, and subsequent laws are required to implement complex agreements

Red states: surrogacy is prohibited by law

At present, only Nebraska, Michigan and Louisiana have banned surrogacy

In Nevada and Colorado, which Zheng Shuang chose, commercial surrogacy is legal

Nevada's relevant laws were updated in 2013

The new laws allow anyone with marital status, gender or sexual orientation to apply for surrogate parents

In addition, the new law also provides legal protection for those who help with eggs, sperm and embryos

Although the relevant laws in Colorado are not as complete as those in Nevada, parents can generally obtain birth certificates after the birth of their children

It is worth noting that in some states, such as North Carolina and Alabama, even though the surrogate mother has no biological genetic relationship with the baby, it is also regarded as the mother of the child

In this case, the biological parents must adopt their children through legal procedures after birth

Surrogacy agencies, large and small, have spread all over the United States, and some NGO organizations and websites providing surrogacy services have also emerged

The new Yorker magazine once mentioned an NGO called growingfamilies, which claims that its main purpose is to bring together surrogates, helpers and families who choose surrogacy services, provide relevant help and information, and promote follow-up communication

The reporter of times weekly inquired that the website also specifically listed legal surrogacy institutions and hospitals in various countries around the world

These institutions specialize in the recruitment, matching and management of surrogates, and also provide relevant eggs or sperm to help

The website growingfamilies recommended 32 surrogate agencies in the United States, including 18 in California

The fact that California has so many surrogacy agencies is also related to its laws and policies

As early as 1993, surrogacy was legal in California

In addition, California law has no restrictions on surrogacy demanders such as heterosexual partners, same-sex partners, unmarried men and women

It is a larger commercial surrogacy state in the United States

Screenshot of growingfamilies website as for the cost of surrogacy in the United States, the public cost of a surrogacy plan ranges from 90000 (about 580000 yuan) to 130000 US dollars (about 840000 yuan), depending on the institutions and the contents of the surrogacy contract

The composition of the basic cost of surrogacy in the United States

If sperm donation and egg donation are required, the cost will be increased

The price of helping eggs is about 1

50000 US dollars (about 97000 yuan), and the cost of artificial reproduction is 10000 US dollars (about 65000 yuan)

Some families are eager to have children and hope that the surrogate mother will accept one or more embryos to increase the chances of pregnancy

The cost will also increase

Surrogate mothers in the United States will earn between 55000 (about 350000 yuan) and 85000 US dollars (about 550000 yuan) for their children

Another NGO website menhavingbabies mainly provides surrogacy support for gay men

The website also ranks surrogacy agencies and hospitals in the United States

Goldensurrogacy, No

1, is located in Illinois

The average cost of surrogacy reached $128900

The more expensive circulesurrogacy costs an average of $157400 for surrogacy, while the cheaper artparenting agency costs $99400

According to Reuters, if a Chinese connects with an American surrogate agency through a Chinese intermediary to find an American female surrogate, the basic offer is $120000 to $200000 (about 780000 to $1

3 million), plus air tickets and other expenses, which is equivalent to $300000 (about $1

94 million)

Although the price is not cheap, the intermediary said that the cost of finding a surrogate and making their children an American is lower than that of investing in immigrants to the United States

CNN also pointed out that these Chinese who go to the United States for surrogacy and child seeking usually hold tourist visas

Most of them choose to go to California because the local surrogacy industry is mature and the relevant surrogacy procedures are relatively simple, making it easier to apply for birth certificates for their children

Although the surrogate mothers in a California institution have a mature surrogate industry chain, they will also encounter some embarrassing cultural differences in the process of surrogacy in the United States

The staff of American surrogacy agencies said that they often hope to establish a personal relationship between the client and the surrogate mother

However, most clients from China believe that surrogacy is just a commercial transaction and require confidentiality