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The eldest son asks a surrogate mother to have triplets, lizhaoji adds a male, sun Kaixin sends money

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Beijing, Oct

27 (Xinhua) according to the Hong Kong Star Island daily, the founder of Henderson Zhaoye, Li Zhaoji, was very happy

His eldest son, Li Jiajie, went to the United States earlier to give birth to three sons through a surrogate mother, which made his fourth uncle ecstatic

He not only offered 10000 yuan of profits to Henderson employees, but also donated 20million yuan to Yan'an hospital, which cost 33million yuan, implying "endless life"

Li Jiajie, the eldest son of Li Zhaoji, went to the United States secretly to find a surrogate mother to give birth to triplets in order to fulfill his father's wish to have a son

Henderson issued a group photo of his fourth uncle, lijiajie and triplets yesterday

The three children, named Zhixin, Zhiren and Zhiyong respectively, are cute

They were born in July this year

At present, the three children all weigh 18 pounds

In the photo, fourth uncle holds his grandchildren and smiles with delight

Henderson issued a statement yesterday, express "Dr

Li Jiajie, the eldest son of Dr

Li Zhaoji, scored three yuan in a row


Li was overjoyed to receive three male grandchildren

He specially donated HK $20million to the benevolence and benevolence charity program of Yan'an hospital to strengthen the free surgical medical services provided by the hospital to the public

In addition, he also gave a profit of HK $10000 to each employee directly under Henderson Zhaoye Real Estate Co

, Ltd

the above two gifts totaled HK $3 More than threemillion yuan, just because three grandchildren bring out the auspicious meaning of "endless life

" The benevolence and benevolence charity scheme provides free surgical services to patients who are in urgent need but have been waiting for a long time in government hospitals

The operation being carried out recently is to perform "tongbozai" operation for CSSA patients with cardiovascular embolism, and use the updated drug-resistant stent to the inner wall of the tube

Spokesman yanxuefang said that the three children are now living with the fourth uncle, but there are no plans to celebrate

She also revealed Li Zhaoji's current mood: "there are three grandchildren

They are all good elves

They have never been so happy

They have been happy doing business and making big money

" Yesterday, a large number of reporters were waiting at the downstairs of Li Zhaoji's office, but he did not show up

Yanxuefang said that uncle IV had sent gifts and blessings to his three grandchildren, including distributing 10000 yuan of profits to each of Henderson's 13000 employees, plus 20 million yuan to the "benevolence and benevolence charity program" of ren'an hospital

It is reported that it is very common to find surrogate mothers to produce BB in the United States

The local surrogate industry has long been protected by perfect laws, and many agencies find surrogate mothers for customers

Many Hollywood stars have also given birth through surrogate mothers

The more famous is debbierowe, the mother of Prince, the eldest son of the late pop king Jackson, and Paris, the second daughter

Jackson's youngest son, blanket, was also born by surrogate mothers

Others include singer rickymartin, sex and the City Star Sarah Cecilia and her husband, and the film after tomorrow star Dennis Quayle

The Portuguese star Ronaldo was kicked out this year

Last year, he found a surrogate mother in the United States to give birth