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The remuneration for exploiting pregnant mothers in the black market of surrogacy in Thailand is as low as 58000 yuan

2022-07-10 19:47 browse:

Surrogacy is a serious illegal act in Thailand, but surrogacy agencies still exist under the nose of government agencies

According to the Australian new express on October 29, due to the lack of laws to protect women, the black market of surrogacy in Thailand is full of exploitation, and the remuneration for surrogate mothers is as low as a $10000

Reported that an Australian couple James and Mickey tried various surrogacy methods without results

They came to Thailand to find a surrogate mother and successfully gave birth to a baby girl in a Thai surrogate institution

However, during their stay in Thailand, the couple found that Thailand's black market for surrogacy was very exploitative

"Many surrogacy agencies were reluctant to accept interviews

They only said that the remuneration of surrogacy mothers ranged from $10000 to $15000, but the price paid to surrogacy agencies was $40000 to $50000


It is reported that the surrogacy agency claims that the surrogate mother has not been married or has not given birth to children

In fact, this is not the case

The report said that the increasing demand for surrogacy means that women in neighboring countries are at risk of being trafficked to Thailand as surrogate mothers