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"Surrogate" gives birth to "octuplets"

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A rich merchant couple in Guangzhou got married for a long time and became infertile

At the beginning of last year, all the eight embryos conceived with the help of test tube baby technology were successful

With great joy, the rich merchant couple finally found two surrogate mothers

In addition, they had three wombs in a "2+3+3" team

They gave birth to four male and four female octuplets in September and October of last year

At present, the family employs 11 women to take care of the daily life of octuplets and live together in a community in Panyu

Theguangdongprovincialdepartmentofhealthassetupataskforcetoinvestigateawealtycouplewhousedinvitrofertilizationtohave "octuplets" withhelpofsurrogateothers

The Guangdong Provincial Department of health set up a special team to investigate the wealthy couple who gave birth to octuplets through artificial insemination

Octuplets in the text means "octuplets"; Surrogate mothers refer to "surrogate mothers" and surrogate refers to "surrogate mothers"; Invitrofertilization refers to in vitro fertilization

In 2001, the Ministry of Health issued the administrative measures for human assisted reproductive technology, which clearly prohibits the implementation of gestationalsurrogacy (pregnancy surrogacy)

In other words, surrogacy (surrogacy) is illegal in China, and medical institutions and doctors cannot implement surrogacy technology

The Guangdong Provincial Department of health has decided to suspend the approval of Guangdong humanassistedreproductivetechnology (human assisted reproductive technology) service institutions

At the same time, it has conducted a special inspection on 38 medical institutions that have obtained an administrative license to carry out human assisted reproductive technology services, focusing on whether the medical institutions have carried out violations such as the sale of game and zygot

Once verified, they will be dealt with seriously in strict accordance with relevant laws and regulations

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