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Popularization of surrogacy policies in various countries - Thailand

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The conclusion goes further: surrogacy in Thailand is illegal! Illegal! Illegal! Important things are to be repeated for 3 times! People who are extremely lazy are forced to write

I really can't stand so many people cheating! Stakeholders: 1

Overseas assisted reproduction practitioners; 2

I am a mother

Childbearing is the demand of most families

However, due to various reasons, the road to pregnancy and pregnancy is not always smooth

As a mother, I can't say that I fully sympathize with the sufferings of families who want to have children but can't, but I can use my mother's identity to spy on how much I love children and how much they desire

Fortunately, we live today with advanced technology

There are a variety of effective assisted reproduction means to solve this problem and help many people realize their dreams

These technical means include but are not limited to artificial insemination, test tube and surrogate pregnancy

However, surrogacy is a more extreme kind

It is basically the last straw for pregnant couples with difficulties

Most of those who will find surrogacy to solve fertility problems have no way to go

As we all know, domestic surrogacy is illegal, so doing it in China requires paying high fees and taking unknown risks

Therefore, overseas surrogacy has become a better choice for many people

Thailand must be mentioned as an overseas surrogate destination

Due to its geography and early policies, test tubes and surrogacy in Thailand have entered the sight of the Chinese early

Thailand has even been called "the womb of Asians" for a certain period of time

Later, there were various surrogacy Scandals: for example, a wealthy second generation in Japan, a couple in Australia, and so on

Since 2015, the Thai government has promulgated laws to prohibit domestic women from surrogacy for foreigners

Therefore, since 2015, surrogacy in Thailand has been illegal! However, up to now, there are still many intermediaries doing Thai surrogacy

Their operation is to cooperate with some reproductive machinery centers (basically small institutions, which are not done by formal slightly larger hospitals and reproductive centers), promote the expulsion and culture of embryos in Thailand, and then transfer the embryos to Cambodia or Laos for implantation

In this process, the first half of the operation in Thailand is legal, and the later implantation in Cambodia or Laos is also legal, but the embryo transfer process is illegal! Their way of operation is to either sneak around or pay enough bribes

Illegal things are bound to be accompanied by unknown risks

For families eager for children (women), going abroad to seek legal ways is still an illegal route

Whether it is worth discussing

Of course, if you know from the beginning that there are illegal operation steps in the process, and still choose, this is the choice of prospective parents

It is understandable

However, if they were told at the beginning that Thai surrogacy was legal, then prospective parents would be cheated!