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BBC high score documentary "surrogate": those surrogate mothers are making a deal with the devil

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Original title: BBC high score documentary surrogate: the surrogate mothers are making a deal with the devil

Zheng Shuang is making a lot of noise

Many people accused her of abandonment

In fact, in the final analysis, this is inseparable from surrogacy

Because, without the experience of pregnancy in October, how can you experience the unforgettable love between mother and son? The BBC high score documentary "surrogate" tells how those surrogate mothers made a deal with the "devil"! In a simple low building, there are more than 100 iron beds, in which more than 100 women live temporarily

They can't leave the building, meet their families or decide what to eat

The women here are used to life and death: they have no joy in "life", because every life just comes means parting

They have some fear of death, but they are more helpless, helpless against poverty

Here is a famous surrogate center in the suburb of annard town

It was famous for producing milk

Later, with these surrogate mothers, it brought together guests, or buyers, from all over the world

The female boss of the surrogacy center is Patel

She is a doctor and claims to be an advocate of feminism! Since India legislated to allow commercial surrogacy, the business of her surrogacy center has grown

India became the "global womb" and she became the godmother of surrogacy

In fact, Patel was well known in the circle as early as 1999

That year, a couple asked for help from Patel

At that time, there was no surrogate mother in India

So Patel decided to transfer the blastocyst into the client's mother's womb

In other words, grandma gave birth to her grandson! Because of this news, Patel is well known

Many infertile couples began to contact her for surrogate services

Since then, Patel has started a surrogate business, and she doesn't think much of the controversy about her

She believes that the surrogate mothers are all voluntary, which is a mutually beneficial deal

She gave the surrogate mothers a "number" that they could not refuse: one was willing to fight and the other was willing to suffer

Because her price is attractive, the mother who volunteered to be a surrogate still needs to queue up

It is not difficult to imagine that these women in line are poor women

They have not received a good education, have little ability to make money, and even have no position in the family

When they heard that surrogacy could make money, they queued up to the surrogacy center before they knew the meaning and risks of surrogacy

Here, there is a mother named fansandy

She has five children and lives on her husband's salary of $40 a month

She hopes to stay in the surrogate Center for nine months, and then get a lot of money to build a house for her husband and send her children to higher education

She risked her life to come to the surrogate center

How much money can she get? According to the contract signed between Patel and them: after giving birth to a child, they can get $8000 nine months later; Twins get $10000; If you miscarry within 3 months, you can get $600; $1200 for three to six months; More than 6 months, whether the fetus survives or not, you can get $8000

These are indeed a huge sum of money for surrogate mothers

However, as the core of the transaction - surrogate mothers, they only get 15% - 25% of the total amount of the transaction

Although they only get 15% - 25% of the total amount of the whole transaction, it is also a great income for these surrogate mothers

When they exchange their lives for the money, can they meet their original wishes? The answer is No

Because these surrogate mothers are poor women from the bottom

They take their money home: they either give it to their husbands, or they are borrowed by rogue relatives, or they spend it quickly in the wrong place

They can only voluntarily or forced to come to this "hell on earth" again

Human life is not an industrial product

We cannot produce as much as we want

Patel signed three more contracts with the same surrogate mother to ensure the health of her fetus

Contemporary pregnancy has become a commodity, and the dignity of women is not worth mentioning

Surrogate mothers will present their private information to customers like commodities: height, appearance, etc

In order to ensure the survival rate of the fetus, their bodies will be injected with hormones

These drugs may lead to cancer incidence rate, such as ovarian cancer, endometrial cancer, breast cancer, etc

If, unfortunately, they get these diseases, they can only live in poverty and illness for the rest of their lives

Since it is a transaction, the client has the right to choose the sex of the fetus

Patel's contract stipulates that if the surrogate mother is pregnant with a gender that the client does not want, they can only be forced to miscarry

Every miscarriage is a severe trauma to the mother's body

Every wound brings unbearable torture to mother

If they are not pregnant with the sex their clients want, they will face the risk of abortion more than once

Until it hits! If the mother can't bear the trauma, she can't quit halfway, because the contract stipulates that she will face huge compensation for breaking the contract

They can't afford to pay for it

For surrogate mothers, nothing is more painful than the separation of mother and fetus

During these nine months, the mother and the child in her womb are connected by flesh and blood and have developed strong feelings

Since the birth of the fetus, they have no reason to talk to them and hug them

At the time of parting, seeing the child being carried away, the mother had already burst into tears

What mother can do is to plead with the client over and over again: please, take good care of the child

In Patel's view, surrogacy is a win-win deal

She meets the survival requirements of women at the bottom and the reproduction needs of specific groups

However, the chaos behind the surrogate industry chain is something that the "feminist advocate" dare not explain! In order to improve the pregnancy rate, black intermediaries will inject multiple embryos into the uterus, which undoubtedly increases the risk of dystocia and death

In the process, countless girls died

Patel's so-called voluntary trade is nothing more than using these poor women to plunder and exploit them

Behind this interest chain, many women are forced to volunteer, even forced by their families, and many are abducted, trafficked and kidnapped

From Patel's point of view, a win-win deal is nothing more than taking advantage of the gap between the rich and the poor to bring her strong dividends

It is a trampling on women's womb, an insult to women's rights, and a disregard for life

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