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Womb free wife raised US $14000, husband gave birth to baby boy through sister's abdomen

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Holliehepler, a 31 year old woman in the United States, was diagnosed as unable to conceive and have children when she was young

However, her husband joehepler did not give up and always sought the possibility of childbirth

Later, Joe's sister pjwillis offered to be a "surrogate mother"

After three years of efforts, she finally gave birth to a lovely baby boy at the beginning of this month, weighing 3883 grams

According to foreign media reports, Holly was diagnosed with MRKH syndrome at the age of 16, which is a disease that leads to incomplete or nonexistent vaginal and uterine development

However, the doctor said that although there is no uterus, its ovaries are fully functional and can still produce eggs

Holly and Joe got married in 2014

One day after their marriage, Joe's sister Willis suddenly visited them and told them they would like to have a pregnant mother

Willis, an emergency room nurse, has two daughters, aged 2 and 3

In September last year, Holly and Joe's baby embryos were transferred to Willis' womb, and it was soon confirmed that they were pregnant

They also talked about their experiences to netizens through the fund-raising website, and raised 1

40000 US dollars

I intend to use this money to pay for medical expenses

Earlier this month, Willis gave birth to Joe's son, who was named jarrellclaytonhepler, with JC in the name of pjwillis

The birth of a 3883g baby boy made holly and Joe cry with joy

They thought it was a miracle

Their son made them very happy

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