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Why do you frequently choose Thai test tube babies? Is there any mystery?

2022-07-10 11:25 browse:

You can often hear from others that those who haven't been pregnant for several years are suffering from infertility

What can I do? Is it impossible to have children in my life? Nonono, now the technology is more and more developed

Even if you have infertility, you still have hope to have a child

Presumably, the word "test tube baby" will not be unfamiliar to us

When the patients were found to be infertile, they started the road of test tube baby

But in China, it is still difficult to solve this problem quickly

After all, we all know that the hospital hall is always full of people

It's ok if there are too many people

Making a test tube is like an assembly line, let alone a profit margin

Generally, it is normal to transplant more than 2-3 times in China

If the first time fails, the doctor will say to continue the transplantation next time

If you want to know the reason for the failure, they will ask you to ask another doctor, kicking around like a "ball"

After all, they are not the same doctor from examination to transplantation

It really breaks everyone's heart

Now more and more people are "moving" to Thailand, because the medical treatment method in Thailand is to implement the appointment system, which will not waste patients' time

In Thailand, we can not only select genes to prevent genetic defects, but also choose gender

Their domestic choice of gender is legal, but it is not allowed in China

At present, pre implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) is widely used in test tube babies in Thailand, which is often referred to as the third generation test tube baby technology

It can not only select sex, but also screen human chromosomes and 125 genetic diseases

The first generation is for female infertility, and the second generation is for male infertility

Thailand has made a breakthrough in the technology of the third generation test tube baby, which has helped humans choose to have healthier babies from the perspective of biogenetics

Thailand's IVF has the following advantages: 1

Excellent technology: Thailand's test tube baby technology is second only to the United States, ranking first in Asia

Thailand basically adopts the third-generation test tube technology to avoid a variety of genetic diseases by screening chromosomes, which can achieve the goal of eugenics

2。 Sex selection of fetus: it is legal to choose sex in Thailand, which is convenient for many friends who want a male baby

3。 High service quality: compared with the domestic "assembly line" test tube therapy, Thai test tube babies adopt the expert one-to-one treatment mode, understand the patient's condition throughout the process, and carry out transplantation in a better state of the patient

The profit rate will be higher

4。 High cost performance: after more than 40 years of development, the test tube baby technology in Thailand has become increasingly mature

Not only is the cost far lower than that in the United States, but the transportation is convenient and the distance is much longer than that in the United States

Through the above introduction, I hope it will help you

I wish you a good pregnancy as soon as possible!