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Understand the Ukrainian pregnancy assistance process

2022-07-10 11:25 browse:

Ukrainian test tubes can be said to be the last straw for many infertile families to solve their fertility problems

However, going abroad is not a family affair, nor is it a child's play to have children

The numerous procedures and procedures involved are very cumbersome, especially for those who have not gone abroad and do not understand the local language, it is really difficult to go to Ukraine

Assisted reproductive institutions are a medium to connect clients with reproductive needs with hospitals

Many institutions in China have launched the Ukrainian test tube service, but the market is full of good and evil people

Some institutions have low level and poor service, so we should be particularly careful when selecting institutions, and we must keep our wallets tight

Let's take a look at the process of test tubes in Ukraine: 1

Prepare marriage certificate, ID card and birth permit

Confirm the itinerary, buy air tickets, and take your passport to the embassy to apply for a visa


On the first flight to Ukraine, men went to the hospital for semen


The hospital will provide 2* or self egg package

If 2* is available, 2* service personnel can be selected

After the decision, we will start to promote the discharge


Embryos were incubated and PGs chromosome screening was performed


The hospital arranges * * to meet, and both parties can see whether it is appropriate, determine the transfer time and the embryos to be transferred


Fly to Ukraine for the second time, that is, one week before the * * due date, and go to Ukraine for midwifery


After the child is born, apply for a birth certificate and paternity test, and go to the embassy to apply for a visa for the child


You can go home 15 days after the baby is born

After returning home, take your birth certificate and paternity test to the local police station where your registered permanent residence is located to apply for your registered permanent residence

This is the general process

If you know the process, you can know it well

You won't be ignorant and can only be led away by the organization