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If the practitioners of the organizers of illegal surrogacy are punished

2022-07-10 11:25 browse:

It is believed that the proposal to punish the relevant organizers and practitioners of illegal surrogacy will greatly combat the relevant organizers and practitioners and reduce various social problems caused by surrogacy

But for some patients who really need surrogacy due to physical reasons, how to solve their problems? Article 3 of the management method of human assisted reproductive technology promulgated by the Ministry of health in 2001 clearly stipulates that medical institutions and medical personnel shall not implement any form of surrogacy technology

Patients can not solve problems through formal ways, which has created the longevity of the surrogate industry

Some experts have asked whether it is possible to open up? They are allowed to go to the hospital for medical free surrogacy instead of black surrogacy, a commercial surrogacy full of money

But the question is, how to define free surrogacy? Hospitals are not charity after all

At the same time, there is no relevant law, and I believe the hospital will not carry out this wave of operations

The question goes back to the original point, whether there are relevant legal provisions

Of course, there is no suitable method to solve the following ethical and emotional problems besides legal problems