Analysis of the causes of the wrong side of spiral steel pipe

Spiral steel pipe in the production process if the production process is unreasonable, machine parameter settings shall be deemed to occur deviation phenomenon, especially large diameter spiral steel pipe, which is often said the wrong side of the phenomenon.

After spiral steel pipe wrong side analysis of the causes produce the wrong side is very necessary, the following is a common cause of generating the wrong side.
1, strip steel camber is caused by the wrong side of the most important factors. In forming the spiral welded pipe, steel strip camber angle will constantly change shape, leading to changes in the weld gap, resulting in open seam, wrong side or even take sides.

2, strip head and tail butt welding weld reinforcement is large, when the over-molding, if not handled properly, likely to cause greater wrong side.

3, due to the poor is not trimming the strip head and tail shape and size precision, easy to cause docking strip hard bend caused by the wrong side.

4, the strip edges in poor condition is another important reason for the wrong side.
Therefore, the observation strip coil-camber situations after, by controlling the vertical rolls so that the disc can be cut and removal of part of camber angle forming the continuous control and corrective camber of the strip is the reduction in the production process effective way of generating the wrong side.

For the production of spiral steel pipe processing program has been completed on the wrong side as follows:

1, the position of the wrong side of the polished, then welding
2, if a situation occurs frequently on the wrong side, you can replace the equipment.

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