The installation of the pipe reducers

Pipe reducers, also known as reducing soft rubber joints, the main products can be used for metal pipe loose tube connection. Pipe reducers mainly has good elasticity, large displacement, installation is convenient wait for a characteristic, the product can greatly reduce the vibration and noise of pipe system, can fundamentally solve all kinds of pipeline […]

According to the sectional shape of steel pipe which classification

Steel pipe products of steel and variety specification is various, its performance requirements is various.All these should be as user requirements or working conditions of the change of the distinguished. Usually,steel products, according to section shape, production method, the tube material, connecting methods,characteristics and applications with plating classification. According to the cross-sectional shape steel pipe can […]

The product feature about carbon steel pipe fittings

Carbon steel pipe fittings are main auxiliary products for the steel pipe. The key products contain carbon steel elbow, flanges, steel cap, steel tee, carbon steel pipe reducer. The standards include national standard, American standard and DIN. Carbon steel pipe fittings play an important role in the connection, control, change of direction, streaming components collectively sealed […]

What to consider when you select pipe fittings?

Various types of pipe fittings including adapter, slot fittings, plugs, rigid couplings, flexible couplings, 90 degrees elbow, 45 degrees elbow, reducing elbow, flange, pipe joints, concentric reducer, Eccentric reducer, reducing pipe tee / unequal tee, bullhead tee, union, standard yyes, reduced eye and more. The right fittings and flanges let your device do what you intend to […]

Overview of Chinese Metal Pipe Fitting Manufacturing

Pipe fittings in the pipe system is the connection, control, turn, shunt, seal, support the action such as spare parts. Over 08 year financial crisis, the economy continues to rebound, major infrastructure construction as “much starker choices-and graver consequences-in planning” kicked off the new curtain, pipe demand will continue to grow in the future. Pipe is […]

The development direction of the stainless steel pipe fittings industry must be reversed

The current domestic stainless steel pipe fittings industry development direction must be reversed, slam the door, and so on, rely on thought. Now part of pipe fittings factory has begun to overhaul, from before the full production to production, but the impact is relatively limited production, the market does not yet have reversed the basis of the […]

What is flange connection

Flange connection is to two pipes, fittings or equipment before each fixed at a flange on the flange between the two, together with flange pad, fastened together with bolts to complete the connection. Some of pipe fittings and equipment have been built-flange, also falls within the flange connection. Sub-threaded flange connection (wire tapping) flange and welding […]

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