The function of the pipe reducer

The pipe reducer is also one of the chemical pipe fittings used for the connection of two different pipe diameters. It is divided into concentric pipe reducer and eccentric pipe reducer. pipe reducer for diameter specification does not accord with the inner diameter of the process piping, should undertake the corresponding reducing or expanding process, if the […]

Correlation analysis of water hammer in pipeline for bellows compensators

Bellows compensators are also known as expansion joints and expansion joints. They consist of bellows (an elastic element) which comprise the main part of the work, and end pipe, bracket, flange, pipe and so on. Is a size change with deformation compensation device to effectively use telescopic elastic element and bellows reasons to absorb pipeline, conduit […]

Welding Process and Heat Treatment of Stainless Steel Welded Pipe

Heat treatment of stainless steel welded pipe widely used abroad there is no oxidation continuous heat treatment furnace with protective gas, the intermediate heat treatment in the process of production and the final finished heat treatment, because of lack of oxidation of the surface of the light can get, and cancel the traditional pickling process. The adoption […]

Removal of stainless steel pipeline

1, the removal of stainless steel pipeline, the first use of plasma cutting machine stainless steel pipeline cut and then manually removed the stainless steel pipeline, if the diameter is greater than DN200 stainless steel pipeline, hand chain hoist can be used to assist lifting. 2, the demolition of the stainless steel pipeline, it should be […]

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