Daily degreasing methods of stainless steel pipe fittings

Stainless steel pipe fittings if the outer surface of the dirt, to use clean water rinse, and natural drying. Then use dry cloth soaked in solvent wipe erase oil, put in the open-air drying.
Stainless steel tube surface such as a rust and dirt, etc., can be the first to use circular steel wire brush and cloth binding in thick wire or thin steel rope, penetrated into the pipe back and forth pull brushes (large caliber pipe fittings also available hoist and drag brush), and then use steam or water through washing into the, then the compressed air or exhaust fan will blow in pipe can be skimmed. Dry in the tube filled with go to the Pengo (15-20% is filled in the tube degreasing. The end of the first plug is blocked to the volume of solvent debinding band bending pipe should be appropriate to increase the degreasing solvent), and the other end is blocked, flat on the clean or placed in a tie with the work table soak 1 to 1.5 hours, and every 15 minutes to rotate a stainless steel pipe fittings, successive should soak parts (also the tube immersed in the solvent debinding closed long shoot skim), and then the tube in solvent poured out, exhaust fan, or not oily compressed air, nitrogen blow dry, also can be naturally ventilated for 24 hours, in a word must be fully dry. Degreasing treatment after checking each tube degreasing is qualified, examination method, can be skimmed the clean gauze made plug group, tied on the wire, needle penetration nella rub, to see whether there are oil, if necessary should
To carry out laboratory tests. After the skim treatment of a few of the old cloth or plastic film must be used to the ends of the package, in order to prevent re contamination of the inner surface.
When the pipe has been installed, it should be disassembled into the pipe section without dead end, and then it will be skimmed. After installation, the stainless steel pipe fittings can not be removed must be skimmed before installation, but it must be ensured that the installation process and installation will not be contaminated.
stainless steel pipe fittings
Concentrated nitric acid plant pipe and equipment, can be installed in all, directly to 98% of the concentration of nitric acid with a pump cycle, pickling (less than or non concentrated nitric acid corrosion of the pipe must be separate skim. Stainless steel ball valves, gaskets and other stainless steel pipe fittings should also be separate from the month before the R. Pickling before the preparation of acid pickling solution, pickling, should be according to the process flow system, first washed, and then acid cycle 2 ~ 4 hours. After the analysis is qualified, then the acid will lead to another system. When the acid containing oil and other organic matter more than 0.03% or acid concentration of less than 90%, should replace the new acid, and waste acid to the underground tank. After passing the pickling, should be timely feed production, in order to avoid dilution of concentrated nitric acid on aluminum equipment and piping caused by corrosion.
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Pipe tee design drawings

Pipe tee is a duct system bifurcate or collection role of pipe fittings. Three links, sort is more, in the form of a diagonal tee, straight tee, pants fork tee, elbow combined tee, etc. Now only introduce commonly used circular tee and rectangular tee.
(1) the circular tee
As shown in figure 5 to 17 circular tee, the continuation of duct part 1 is called tee “director”, branch part 2 referred to as the “branch” tee. D: said big diameter, D: small hole diameter, D3 said branch pipe diameter, the height of the H t, mouth said executives and branch pipe axis Angle.
Executives and branch pipe axis Angle a, should according to the tee to determine the diameter size, generally is 15 ° ~ 60 °, a Angle is small, the height of the tee is bigger, a larger Angle, the height of the tee is smaller. When machining large diameter tee, in order to avoid the 3-way height is too large, large Angle should be adopted. General ventilation system of tee Angle is 15 ° ~ 60 ° 15 ° to 30 ° dust removal system can be used.
Executives and branch pipe edge deflection distance between S and should be able to ensure easy mounting flange, and flange bolt fastening.
To tee off, should be according to the size of three links of the known underline main view, as shown in figure.
Pipe tee production drawings
Begins to draw A straight line on the plank to intercept A – B is equal to big diameter, the midpoint 0 draw vertical lines from A – B 0-0 ‘, 0-0 at A height of three links’ online interception of O – P, the P point lead AB parallel lines, and section c-d is equal to the small hole diameter, with fixed-point C and D. Use connect AC and BD for a quick, head of the main view. Again from zero point to determine a Angle, lead 0-0 line, from the points of D 0-0 “of the vertical line intersect at point M, with a midpoint of M,
In this online interception of EF is equal to the branch pipe diameter, with straight line connection EA and FB, namely get three main view. In the main view of tee K line 0, 0 K line is the tee joint line supervisor and branch pipe.
Pipe tee production drawings
The 3-way head start as shown in figure 5-19. According to the shape of the head on the main view to the big and small hole according to the diameter of auxiliary semicircle, six equal to circle, and number in order to make the corresponding contour line, as shown in figure (a). Methods according to the size of the head, will then head into a fan, as shown in figure 5-19 (b). Interception in sector 7 K, equal to the DK on the main view, interception of 6 m, equal to (a) on the graph real 7 m long, 6 m, intercept 5 N1 equals 5 n (a) on the drawing, real 7 n, long, finally will be K, M1, N1, 4 together as smooth curve, the 3-way head part of the expansion plan.
Pipe tee production drawings
As shown in figure of tee branch pipe. Branch expansion, also make the auxiliary semicircle, and divided into six parts, and according to the order number, draw the corresponding contour line. Expansion method, and then press circle size head will branch expansion into the sector. Again separately interception in the sector 1 k_ is equal to the UK on the main view, 2 m, equal to 2 m real long 7 M1, 3 n equals 3 n real long 7 n, and this can determine K, M1, N1 three points. Then intercept 5 C2 is equal to 5 c real long 7 c1, 6 d: equal to 6 d real long 7 d1, 7 B is equal to 7 B, fixed-point C2 and D2, B, final connection points each, for a quick (half) of tee branch pipe.
This method is simple, widely used on the site, but has the certain error. If the duct diameter is larger, can be appropriately increase the auxiliary of semicircle of scores, the error will be smaller. Tee, draw after good expansion plan, according to the connection method to set aside bite allowance and allowance of the flange, with mechanical or manual cutting. The connection of the joint of three forms, should be based on the material, thickness of the plank. Thickness is less than 1.2 mm galvanized steel and ordinary steel sheet, can be used to bite. Thickness is greater than 1.2 mm galvanized steel plate can be used riveting. Ordinary steel sheet thickness is greater than 1.2 mm can use welding. Bite connection includes cutting the connection.
When using cuttings, executives and branch pipe can be bite, roll round, respectively the bite compaction, processed into independent parts and mating part on the flat plate check whether match, then pick up joint work ruffled, fold branch and head into a single ruffled, as shown in figure.
Pipe tee production drawings
Will be processed cutting, gently with wooden hammer into tee joint inside, make the head and branch closely joint, with a small hammer and lining iron, will be cutting matter
When connected by welding, available to the joint form. If the plate is thinner, can meet commissural plate on 5 mm vertical edge, reoccupy welding welding.
When using bite connection available coverage method (commonly known as the big bite). The commencement, the longitudinal closed bite at side. Operation, the cutting board, first making good longitudinal closed bite, the deployment manager on branch, with a figure of step processing by joint bite, then by hand by executives and branch pipe, the joint matter, draw, as shown in figure 3 and 4. Finally rolled the executives and branch circle, and matter draw with longitudinal closed bite, then t find round and finishing work.
Pipe tee production drawings
Circular duct tee connected by bite, also can make answer the commissure a single bite of form, and then put the bite humans, and finishing.
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Method for making circular 90 degree long radius elbow

Round elbow is round bend, is used to change the direction of the ventilation pipe fittings.
90 ° long radius elbow
Circular 90 ° long radius elbow central Angle according to need, with double bevel pipe joint and a number of the two socket set with a single bevel.
The diameter of the bend to D, R bend radius of curvature, called the union with double oblique mouth “in section”, the ends respectively located in bend a socket with a single bevel, called “nodes”. As cylinder cross section is a circular, the inclined section is an oval, the circumference is different, can’t bite, so the circular 90 ° long radius elbow must at both ends
Each set two nodes, so that is connected to a duct.
Bend caused by the size of the local resistance, mainly depends on the turning Angle of smoothness. 90 ° long radius elbow smoothness and depends on the size of the bending radius and the number of bend section, bending radius is big, the middle section number, resistance is small, but to take up space, but also more work; Small bending radius, the middle section number less, work less, but big resistance. For the three section, and the sockets of the two nodes. Circular 90 ° long radius elbow. Current rules, general ventilation and air conditioning systems of circular 90 ° long radius elbow bend radius and minimum number of section are shown in table
Circular 90 ° long radius elbow method is, according to the known bend diameter, Angle, and determine the bend radius and the number of section, to draw the visual figure, such as the diameter of 320 mm, the Angle is 90 °, the 3 section, two nodes, the circular 90 ° long radius R of 1.5 D bend.
First row A 90 ° Angle, mouth, centered on right-angle intersection with known radius is bending radius R, draw the bend axis, axis and right-angle side intersection of E for midpoint, known to bend diameter interception of A and B two points, with 0 as the center of the circle, the point A and point B lead to bend in the outer arc and arc.
Because the 90 ° long radius elbow is composed of three section and two nodes, a day for two nodes, in order to obtain nodes in order to expand, 90 ° arc and so on can be divided into 8 equal parts, first at the ends of the two nodes, as in the middle of the three section in six section. Outside of each section and then draw the tangent tangent AD for nodes “back”, the BC for nodes in the “high”, composed of ABCD trapezoid, nodes.
Is in commonly 90 ° long radius elbow an actual operation, according to the number of bend section, determine the equal of 90 °, according to the equal Angle and bending radius and bend diameter, can draw the nodes directly. Nodes can be used in front of the introduced method of parallel lines.
A good nodes, should let out bite allowance, and then use cutting good nodes or section in the template, ‘according to the need, the number of draw the shear line on the board, with the hand cut shear shear or oscillating curve, take good longitudinal seam, processing into a short tube with oblique mouth. And then bite on the pressure in the elbow out cross bite, bite, pressure should be paid attention to each section into stand-up at one end, on the other side for the mouth. And should pay attention to the sections of the longitudinal bite stagger.

Pressure good bite, it can be bend group to the assembly. When assembling, should put the AD on the nipple line and the BC on the line with another sub lines to the AD and BC is, to avoid the 90 ° long radius elbow crooked. Bend the elbow joint machine available or steel hammer to joint on the workbench.

Source: Zhejiang Yaang Pipe Industry Co., Limited (www.yaang.com)

Method for producing 904L 90 degree long radius elbow

90 degrees long radius elbow external arc elbow, elbow and elbow in the curved line, the shape of the elbow. Rectangular 904L 90 degrees long radius elbow is composed of two blocks of side wall, elbow back and elbow in four parts. Engineering often used inside and outside the arc shape bend, such limitations of site conditions, the arc shape bend or oblique line of elbow. When the inner arc and the internal oblique line elbow outside long a is more than or equal to 500 mm, so that the air flow distribution, 904L 90 DEG long radius elbow internal flow deflector. The guide plate with rivets assembled in the elbow wall connecting plate, the connecting plate rivet hole spacing is about 200mm. Guide plate material and the thickness of the material and the air pipe, the deflector angle and bending angle, guide vanes in elbow configuration should meet the design requirements, when the design requirements. Deflector on the windward side of the edge should be smooth, and both ends of the wind pipe fixed buy firmly and with an elbow guide taped out of arc length should be consistent.

90 degree long radius elbow can be used to connect the angle of the corner and the joint. In order to prevent the flange in 904L 90 degrees long radius elbow of the arc, can emit flange allowance, the allowance for angle steel flange width and 1omm flanging ‘inner arc almost rectangular elbow wrote in a slash shaped rectangular elbow, except that the different size of the inner side plate, the rest were the same.

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Flange assembly with y type tee

If fast loading type tee up and down hole measured data has certain deviation, should make the mark in the appropriate position, so that the assembly of the flange, flange into or out in the corresponding position adjustment, in order to ensure fast loading y-shaped three-way mouth keep parallel up and down after the flange assembly.

Circle fast loading y-shaped three-way head and branch Angle, regardless of combined seam which way connection, will be have some error after the production. Error of a variety of with a template or steel protractor to checking and measuring. If the error is not big, branch pipe fluently flange according to conventional methods, assembly adjustment measures in matching on the 90 ° long radius elbow; If the error is larger, it is the branch pipe flowing and 90 ° at both ends of the long radius elbow, using the adjustment quantity of stainless steel flange flanging HG20621-97 to ensure that its Angle accurately.

Y type tee and flange with round fast assembly, general will head up and down after a chip flanged ball valves set into the mouth, first find is riveting head next mouth, then find is riveted its flowing. If some mouth parallelism error from top to bottom, to be reserved for mark according to the measurement and adjustment of the flange in or out, conform to the requirements after riveting.

Riveting 90 ° long radius elbow, if with the combination of fast loading y-shaped three-way Angle error is not big, can be 90 °riveting first one end of the long radius elbow’s flange, with 3 ~ 4 bolts with the only fast loading Y type tee branch pipe connection, make the two flange clearance, with a large square or drop hammer suspension wire with lines measuring the 90 °long radius elbow at the other end verticality of flange to the platform, with adjustment into or out of the flange, make it vertical as shown in figure (b).

Flange assembly with Y type tee

To confirm after 90 ° long radius elbow’s flange end verticality, but after coloring pen mark in the circumferential direction, remove bolts according to the drilling line after riveting. And the stainless steel flange percussion with a draw.

Finalize the design circle fast loading Y type tee with flange is faster than the general assembly of Y type tee is more easy and convenient. Round head and sealing plate type fast loading Y type tee branch pipe are round straight pipe, flange is easy to put on.

Flange assembly with Y type tee

A chip flanged ball valves inside edge and duct wall joint is better; And plug type circle fast loading y-shaped three-way managers for circle variable diameter tube, and the branch pipe is straight, branch pipe and joint adopts riveting head, its Angle won’t appear too big change. As shown in figure 9-5 (b). More than fast loading of flange assembly with Y type tee, can be a chip flanged ball valves are directly drilling after riveting, if there is a little deviation Angle, for in matching the 90 ° long radius elbow to do some adjustments when riveting.

Source: Zhejiang Yaang Pipe Industry Co., Limited (www.yaang.com)

On the development method of lateral tee

The middle of the lateral tee gives off a branch, lateral tee back surface bend diameter for axb known, the arc radius; R = a, back arc radius R = T + a; Axb branch pipe diameter.

On the development method of lateral tee

I) delimit view:
(1) according to the known size in order to draw the elevation and plan;
(2) according to the back of the center of the branch (position in A ‘B’ center line overlap) delimit the vertical pipe, and make A branch of elevation, branch of oral sex to bend back arc surface G ‘H’;
(3) according to the projection relationship before you make a branch in the lateral tee plan vertical view, a quick rectangular E1, F1, F2FE2.
Row graph:
1) lateral tee’s sides is on elevation;
(2) the inclined tee back: draw a rectangle width for b, length of back arc DB unbend, namely PI R / 2; According to the actual location of the branch pipe in the back arc, the symmetry line measuring HG curve contour length point H and G; H ‘and the G’ as a parallel lines, and a wide for b ‘, namely complete back arc expansion plan and the opening position and size.
(3) branch: as a baseline, take its length is equal to the straight pipe section, and have been in accordance with the vertical view each dot notation M – E2 – F2 – F1 – E1 – M, and through the above each point as a baseline of vertical (parallel) each wire; In each line intercept the actual length of the line segment, linear parts direct attachment; By curve part with a radius of R, G, H and H, point to delimit circle arc, intersection point 0; To zero as the center of the circle, the radius R, GH, lateral tee expansion plan is completed.

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The installation of special stainless steel pipe fittings

From time to time in different special stainless steel pipe fittings installed will be the actual value compared with the theoretical value and pay attention to the deviation. Special stainless steel pipe fittings, for example, is generally can’t adjust the size of the deviation, balance only by the installation of pipes. At the same time for the part of the pipe hanger and installation location, for example. Need to tilt the installation position to pay attention.
According to design of pipeline implementation of cold drawn prestressed data. Before cold drawn, the piping should be as far as possible in the condition of no additional stress. This can be from all stages of the installation process of cross plane measurement data of the comparison to judge.
The installation work of the whole stainless steel pipe fittings and pipe insulation is completed, under the conditions of not loosen the spring hanger pipe measuring its actual location. Measure hanger loose again later. To check the position indicated by the constant force spring hanger, it should be consistent with the prescribed cold position. To make cold and hot state position respectively. If piping position, weight, balance and the location of the pipe hanger large deviation occurs, it is necessary to use the measured value of the whole piping system to calculate again. To determine whether to allow a larger deviation, advice when necessary in the installation phase review for the piping system is calculated.
Before put into trial shipment is to be a pipe running under the weight of cold measurement, running hot and cold start-up after the measurement. The piping of the cold, hot and cold compared with the theoretical value, the location of the measurement data for analysis of piping system state. Which can be derived under basic load condition, for high stress and complicated components, stress and strain measurements made at the same time, in order to calculate the relay, connection moment and cause of the size of the stress.

After a long interval for piping location survey, to provide whether displacement took place in the piping system.

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For the installation of stainless steel pipe fittings and piping

Piping installation must be checked before the stainless steel pipe fittings, pipe fittings and support, preparation of the materials. Including the quantity, material, processing quality, as well as internal anti-corrosion lining and cleaning quality. The valve, especially the safety valve are subject to unpick and wash, such as inspection, testing, adjust the qualified. To install the scene to conduct a survey at the same time, to clear up the location of the pipe laying, if a bracket parts and various construction conditions. Such as wear wall, the roof of the hole with and without good, hoisting tools and scaffold preparation, etc. For the installation site has transport inflammable, explosive medium line and belongs to the fire area construction, must make relevant safety measures, go through the formalities when hot.
In piping installation and maintenance, in addition to the design location specified on drawing, also should consider the following points, make the pipe laying more reasonable:
When the stainless steel pipe has a variety of line height is arranged on the pipe rack. General heat pipe road, a small diameter pipe, should be no corrosive medium in the pipeline and gas pipeline laying in upper part, and the high pressure pipe fittings and stainless steel need to check the piping should be equipped in the position of easy to check and repair. When horizontal arrangement, usually large pipes, stainless steel pipe fittings at room temperature and the weight is bigger, stronger vibration line should be located in or close to a wall bracket stigma.

The relative distance between pipe and stainless steel pipe fittings, shall be installed in order to facilitate maintenance. Heat preservation and valves and other something for easy setting for the principle. General line highlights (such as bone, non-standard flange, the outer wall, outside wall insulation layer, is apart from the wall or column about the gap, about 100 mm: highlights of clearance between stainless steel pipe fittings can be in 40 ~ 90 millimeter, installation of two valves, side by side clearance between the wheel rim should people in 100 mm.

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Assembling method of general stainless steel pipe fittings

General stainless steel pipe fittings assembly mode can be divided into roughly two categories: one kind is detachable, non-standard flange, thread and packing methods of connection. Another kind is not detachable type, important is connected by welding method. These two kinds of assembly way have different requirements in the installation.
Detachable when assembling, stainless steel pipe fittings according to the first position is divided into several section of the assembly. This can be done on the ground, also can be set to on installation location. Then from one end of the stainless steel pipe to the other end fixed interface of successive combination; Can also be from line 2 end interface to the middle of successive groups. But in the group of process, must check the deviation of the center line of the pipeline, to avoid due to deviation of finally closed joints hi-lo is too big. But although very attention, the final interface of a small amount of deviation is always free, so generally available to the last paragraph tube site configuration. If it is casting stainless steel pipe fittings with oblique pad and sub can be depended on to correct.
Not detachable type pipe assembly, each joint should be according to the request processing groove, can indoors in advance the field compound welding joint should be indoors. The scene in the compound as steep reducing welding fixed to ensure the quality of joint. Welding construction site shall ensure that are not affected by the wind, rain, snow directly influence of ambient temperature shall be not less than allowed range. To preheat the stainless steel tube joint according to provisions of preheating, stainless steel pipe fittings for common welding environment and preheating requirements.

Weld quality requirements, according to the different level of stainless steel pipe fittings. General requirements of weld shall be no cracks, porosity, slag inclusion. The depth of the bit of meat shall not exceed 10% of the pipe wall thickness, maximum less than 1 mm, and the nondestructive flaw detection for weld internal quality, and the towns.

Source: Zhejiang Yaang Pipe Industry Co., Limited (www.yaang.com)

Weld position in pipe of stainless steel pipe fitting

The position of the line of stainless steel pipe fitting shall meet the following requirements;
Work) straight pipe spacing should be greater than 200 mm ring:
2) easy to check the parts of the pipe should be located in the longitudinal seam welded steel pipe; two longitudinal joints should be staggered butt;
3) stainless steel pipe fitting girth butt joint and the pipe frame distance should be greater than 100 mm, and the wall and the Board shall remain in the:
4) in the longitudinal and circumferential weld of stainless steel pipe fitting is not allowed on the hole and welding accessories.
Detachable piping installation, from one end to the other end in welding. Can also be segmented welding, we must also pay attention to minimize the deviation of stainless steel pipe fitting, fixed welding interface. In the pipeline not detachable for ease of assembly, in certain parts of the appropriate leave a few detachable short (sometimes is to install the valve parts) can facilitate the pipeline of the group of cleaning and inspection. No matter is dismountable and removable installation of pipelines, in the interface to the group prevailed, can not take compulsory assembly, otherwise it will make weld and non-standard flange connection uneven stress and damage.
The whole pipeline laying, should reach a certain angle according to the design requirements, in order to condensate drain. If the construction plans no regulation in general 2 / 1000 slope.
The pipeline wall, floor and roof should be added when the casing, with waterproof shoulder, waterproof cap device. Welds, non – standard flanges and so on should avoid the wall and the floor. Trench in the pipeline due to construction inconvenience, should be pre assembled in place, if necessary, it can be cleaned up, try to be in place after passing the test, so as not to deal with the difficulties of leakage.

The installation should pay attention to prevent the formation of air pocket and stainless steel pipe fitting. For example, the pump inlet pipe to form air bag, not exhaust pipe gas imports, it will affect the normal work of the pump.

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